Five Reasons You Should Attend dataPARC’s Virtual Conference

1.  You Won’t Have To Take Any Time Off To Attend

We are happy to present this year’s user conference 100% virtually. This means you won’t have to make travel arrangements and you will save on travel costs. Being virtual means you can come and go as you are able and listen in or participate as much or as little as you want depending on how your day goes.  You will be able join sessions as the subject matter interests you and as your time permits.

Among the content will be customer presentations and presentations facilitated by the staff at Capstone. We will also incorporate fun and networking as we try to give you not just online education but a true virtual conference experience. Since the conference will be online, we will offer different kinds of online networking. Stay tuned to learn more!

During our 2020 conference we will feature two half days of presentations on September 24th and 25th.  The following week, on September 30th and October 1st we will feature two half days of training.

2.  You Will Benefit From Two Half- Days Of Training

One of the most popular aspects of the dataPARC User Conference is our training. The engineering team is pleased to present two half days of training during this year’s virtual conference. Our team has worked hard to present topics that you can utilize to enhance your experience as a dataPARC user.

Sessions will be presented virtually by dataPARC experts with Q &A available once the training module is complete. Training will include scenarios of dataPARC in use while focusing in on different applications. Sessions may include the following topics: Identifying and using Golden Runs in Centerline, Deviation Detection, Asset Manager in Practice, PARCtask workflow triggered from Alarms, Practical Examples in PARCmodel, WPF bindings in PARCgraphics and other relevant and important topics.

Training will be recorded and will be available for conference attendees to view at a later date and time should you not be able to attend.

3.  You Will Learn From dataPARC Customer Use Cases and Experiences

One of the best features of our user conference is hearing and seeing real world examples of how Capstone’s customers have used the dataPARC software to empower their operations worldwide.  In previous years we have had presenters from countries all over the world including China, South Korea, Thailand, Lebanon and Canada.

Presentations focus on use cases of dataPARC in action. Customers speak to the solutions that have served them, what challenges were addressed and what the outcome was. Whenever possible presenters will use charts, graphics and data as they explain their use cases. 

At this conference -unlike in-person conferences- Capstone has the ability to host online presenters without having to worry about the limitations of time and travel.   The conference will feature presentations from multiple industries including pulp & paper, chemicals and other industries.  Presentations will be recorded available after to conference attendees after the conference.

4.  You’ll Be Inspired By Our Keynote Speaker, Craig Resnik From ARC

We are pleased to announce that Craig Resnik from ARC will deliver the keynote address. Founded in 1986, ARC Advisory Group is the leading technology research and advisory firm for industry, infrastructure, and cities. ARC stands apart due to in-depth coverage of both operational technologies (OT) engineering technologies (ET) and associated business trends. Our analysts and consultants have the industry knowledge and the first-hand experience to help our clients find the best answers to the complex business issues facing organizations today.  ARC provides clients with strategic market research.  They help end user clients develop appropriate adoption strategies and select the best technology solutions for their needs.

Craig hails from the east coast and knows the ins and outs of manufacturing industries and his insight is second to none!  Craig has 35 years’ experience in sales, marketing, product development, and project management in the industrial market, gained with major suppliers of PLCs, process control systems, power transmission equipment, and field devices.

Craig’s philosophy can best be summarized by this statement:

“In an increasingly complex globally competitive environment, real-time information is vital to help make decisions that optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of manufacturing enterprises. This also means being prepared to embrace disruptive technologies to acquire this real-time information, even if it can potentially cause radical changes to manufacturing processes.”

Craig has been with ARC since 1999 and has been traveling the world consulting since. You won’t want to miss his keynote!

5.  You’ll Hear About What dataPARC Has Been up to and Where We Are Headed

We strive to continually improve dataPARC’s functionality, making it easier to use and assist customers in managing operations through intuitive data solutions. Development works closely with customers to ensure that the functionality, tools and solutions developed meet customer standards in a quickly changing digital landscape.

Ron will give his much-anticipated speech and our management team will debrief attendees on updates within engineering development and customer support. Attendees will be presented with dataPARC’s future roadmaps and plans to improve dataPARC with details on where plans are headed.  Attendees will have a chance to ask questions during and after the presentations and the presentations will be available online.