Excel-Powered Data Analysis

Designed to automate common or tedious Excel tasks and make it easy to build reusable reports, PARCxla enables users to spend more time making important decisions and less time wrestling with data.

Enhance Decision Making And Understanding Of Data

Reusable Report Automation

Automate common tedious Excel tasks and easily build reusable reports.

Familiar Interface Structure

Access to critical data is convenient with Excel familiar interface.

Increased Time Efficiency

Spend more time making important decisions and less time stuck with data.

Normalized Data Template

Easily create Excel charts from the normalized data with the following:

  • Drag and drop multiple tags at once
  •  Integrated statistics (min, max, average and standard deviation)
  •  Apply a min or max filter to individual tags, or to all tags at once by machine uptime or product run
  •  One-click enabled Excel functions: XY, Trend & Histogram charts of retrieved data

Data Mining with Cross-Correlation Function

Study the cross-correlation relationships (R² or R) of multiple tags simultaneously, with color-coded values to show the highest and lowest correlations. View scatter plots of the comparisons to drill into tag relationships.

Production Reports

  • Summarize data over any production period (shift, day, week, etc.)
  •  Use Function Painter to build live reports or schedule the report as needed
  •  Import data from entire dataPARC system (incident tracking, logbook comments, etc.)

Download Our Datasheet

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