Lab Information Management Systems

dataPARC provides an integrated and cost effective solution to your Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) needs.

Data From Any Source

Log data from lab instruments and automated testing equipment and store it alongside process data in the historian.

Cost Effective Integration

Use built-in statistical tool sets to create histograms and X-Y plots to explore the relationships between process or lab data.


For every record stored and every value changed, detailed audit trails are created to track changes made by these users.

Flexible Recall

Linked data in the historian allows tag data to be quickly accessed, displayed, or analyzed over specific time periods, products, or grades.

Reporting & Notifications

Send data to historians or configure summary reports and have it automatically notify personnel when data falls outside of limits.

Limits & Alarms

Establish product-specific and grade-specific upper and lower limits for each data tag to help with centerlining efforts.

Highly Configurable Manual Data Entry

PARCgraphics Designer’s form-based MDE tools offer a platform for constructing custom data entry screens. Enter data against a record from anywhere within the dataPARC environment, across multiple MDE pages, PCs, and locations.

The standard tabular MDE format provides incredible flexibility with over a dozen options for data entry, including:

  • Pick lists for data validation
  • Multi-dimensional entry
  • Automated calculations
  • Entry restrictions

SPC/SQC Analysis

Product-specific and grade-specific upper and lower limits can be easily established in PARCview for each data tag to help with centerlining efforts. Multiple limits and alarms can be set up to color-coded displays and even automatically notify personnel when data falls outside of operating envelopes or other limits. Alarm trees can be set up to assign reasons for alarms, and Pareto charts can be created to help identify the prevalent causes of alarms.

Flexible Record Creation

Configure an MDE display’s record creation logic to match data requirements. Link new records to production units (SKU), or schedule record creation for periodic testing. Add records on demand for non-scheduled testing, and even query 3rd party databases for record information. Each record contains identifying information, such as time, product label, or grade.

Integrated Scripting Engine

Lab test results often provide inputs to other calculations and the integrated scripting allows calculations to be performed automatically, reducing errors and improving the accuracy of stored data.

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