Grade Troubleshooting

Identify the impact process changes have on equipment that produce multiple grades or product types.

Dynamic Generation OF Process Runs

PARCview’s Run Browser engine smartly determines when a grade or product was produced, and then loads those time periods in Trends or Chart displays. Filter grade runs by date or duration, and normalize data as needed. View runs consecutively over time, or overlayed and color-coded for comparison.

Grade Based Trending

If a process area’s production rates or operating conditions greatly vary between different grades or product types, long-term trends of process data can appear to only show noise. By only trending periods of time when a specific grade or product was produced, the actual impact of process variables can be more easily determined.

Grade Based Charts

PARCview’s Chart displays harness the power of the Run Browser to display data and statistics for multiple time periods simultaneously. Analyze the correlation between process variables over several grade or product runs.

Use Grade Troubleshooting for Paper Manufacturing

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