Industrial Analytics Tools Developed For The End User, By The End User.

Founded in 1997, and headquartered in Vancouver, WA, our team of engineers and process industry veterans continues to deliver on our promise of being the most intuitive and easy to use manufacturing decision support system available.

1980: The Early Days

In 1980, long before the introduction of terms like IIoT, Industry 4.0, and Digital Transformation, a small team of in-house process engineers at the Crown Zellerbach, later James River Corporation, developed a set of custom data acquisition and analytics tools that allowed them to more easily identify and solve process problems at their plant.

The immediate value of the new tools resulted in an enterprise-wide rollout, with the new software serving as a mission critical decision-support system for all the company’s North American sites. 

1997: New Beginnings

In 1997, with nearly two decades of practical experience under their belts, the team founded Capstone Technology. The goal was to deliver their dataPARC toolkit to market to help other process engineering and operations teams achieve even greater efficiency improvements they’d been able to achieve at James River.

Launched in 1999 at a paper mill in Oregon, the dataPARC team pressure tested their tools on the front lines – collaborating with customers’ operators, engineering and management teams to develop the practical, easy-to-use features they needed to optimize their operations. 

Later, in 2002, recognizing the need for a reliable, cost-effective historian solution, dataPARC released PARCserver, an enterprise-level time series data historian.

2016: The Next Chapter

In 2016, dataPARC was acquired by the BTG Group,a multinational provider of highly specialized industrial process solutions. With decades of experience producing world class instruments and consumable products for industrial customers, dataPARC enabled Digital Solutions to be combined with their existing portfolio. 

Three years later, the Voith Group acquired the BTG Group and, with it, dataPARC. For nearly 150 years, Voith has been a provider of innovative solutions to industry verticals like Hydro, Paper, Transportation, Steel, Oil & Gas and others

As a full-line supplier to many industries, Voith was already on the journey of delivering global Digital Transformation solutions. By combining Voith’s vision as a global leader in digital solutions at a global scale with dataPARC’s decades of experience and proven track record, dataPARC to continue leading the way in Digital Transformation. 

The majority of the original founders and employees have remained with laser focus on innovating throughout the changes, as does dataPARC’s commitment to empowering our customers with cutting-edge and intuitive tools. 

dataPARC Today

Today dataPARC is installed in over 800 sites across the world. And while we continue to grow, our aim of creating superior solutions for optimized plant operations remains unchanged.

We continue to benefit from our tradition of forging close customer partnerships, with new dataPARC tools and features developed out of the very real needs of today’s leading process manufacturers. 

Just as it was in 1980, so it is today – our boots are still very much on the ground, solving operational problems in real-time.

Our Philosophy

We believe the key to solving problems and optimizing operations is the combination of great people and great software tools. Our goal is to deliver a flexible software package that allows users to ask questions of data and get the answers immediately.

Our Team

dataPARC was born from the needs of operators and engineers on the plant floor and we continue to be home to process engineers, chemical engineers, industrial analytics pros, and other brilliant and dedicated individuals who share the goal of helping process manufacturers make better data-driven decisions.

Our Reach

We have employees and trusted integration partners serving manufacturers across the world.

Our Values

Our values at dataPARC reflect those of our parent company Voith, including respect, trust, credibility, and transparency.

You can find a link to our code of conduct here.

You can find a link to our privacy policy here.

Should you want to report an ethical issue of any kind including please contact our compliance desk.  Our Compliance Management System aims to establish an active value system and reinforce the staff’s individual responsibility, going much further than straightforward compliance with legislation and regulations. This includes acting jointly to prevent and combat conduct that financially harms or discredits our company, staff or partners. You can find more information and the hotline information here.

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