Process Data Analytics for Chemical Manufacturing

Designed with the needs of batch and continuous chemical manufacturing processes in mind, dataPARC’s robust toolset delivers your solution for chemical process data analytics. PARCview’s dynamic trend controls with product/batch filtering provides a flexible and intuitive platform for both historical and real-time data analysis.

W.R. Grace: Catalyzing IT/OT Convergence

Founded in 1909, W.R. Grace is a $2 billion dollar technology leader in specialty chemicals. While they had robust operations technology (OT) data, they had limited ways to use it. With dataPARC’s help, W.R. Grace, was able to unify all sources of operations and IT data and achieve a complete digital transformation.

“dataPARC is improving the quality of our product, it’s increasing the ability of our processes to run more efficiently, and it’s keeping our employees engaged with the process.”

Ryan Sullivan, Production Engineer – W.R. Grace

Powering Chemical Manufacturing Analytics for 25+ Years

W.R. Grace Case Study

Learn how W.R. Grace achieved total digital transformation by unifying their data and viewing it through intuitive fast and effective dashboards and an equally intuitive mobile application.