Welcome To 5.5

Coming off nearly another year of sleep deprivation our developers are pleased to announce the completion of PARCview’s next major version, 5.5!

Similar to the WPF expansion in our last major release, 5.5 is packed with new tools and treats that have our engineers salivating! From graphic logic controls to the new PARCview Configuration Manager we will take a closer look at some of the great new features in this release.

Quickly Customize PARCview

Customize the PARCview experience to users, groups or the entire company. Prior versions have held the Configuration Manager (pvconfig) as a separate config file in the user folders. These could be updated globally, however the process was cumbersome and painful. In Version 5.5 we have introduced an all new PARCview Configuration Manager located within PARCview itself. This move allows for custom changes to be made on local computers or changes made globally to impact all users! Whether it is creating a custom user experience for one person, or creating a universal experience throughout your facility this tool makes using PARCview the way you need to fast and easy!

    Visual Logic And Alarm Control

    A powerful new tool in PARCgraphics are the Logic Controls. These new visual programming language (VPL) tools allow for a level of customization and ease of use previously unparalleled in PARCview. Using graphic controls and pipe connectors you can create your own “code” for alarms and calculations.

      While running in the graphic, logic controls can be seen to function and validate the logic being used. For example in this screen shot we used some simple comparisons with some and/or logic to create a new alarm. The red indicates true values whereas the green indicates false.

        With Alarm Server running once this alarm graphic was completed and saved it was auto-uploaded into PARCalarm server to become a functioning alarm in PARCview. VLP tools in PARCview allow for anyone to create their own code for alarms and calculation scripts.

          Easier Run Based Reporting

          Centerline has been rebuilt from the ground up with Run Browser at the core of the all new Centerline. Using the same Run Browser core from our other reporting tools Centerline reports are more customizable than ever! Whether you need to search over a time period or compare runs directly Centerline provides simple filters to deliver the information you need, when you need it.

            In addition to the Run Browser pushing Centerline, WPF technology allows for a new feature set including:

            • Pivot Centerline Display 
            • Configure Multiple Limits 
            • Aggregate Tag Values Individually 
            • Use Grade Groups 
            • See Notes, Reasons and Comments Simultaneously

            And More

            Also watch for updates to:

            • Script designer in PARCview
            • Run browser
            • Script Debugger
            • PARCgraphic Engineering Tools
            • And much more

            To find out more about the 5.5 release read our Release Notes in our Customer Portal or Contact our Support Team to schedule your upgrade today!