Introducing PARCview 5.4

Our developers have been locked away for months to bring you the greatest enhancements to PARCview since moving to 5.0. With cleaner screens, better flow, and enhanced capability 5.4 is our strongest release ever.

Converting to WPF Technology enables PARCview to be more user friendly and offer an experience very similar to working in native Windows. Want more? You got it! PARCgraphics now provides custom coding of your plant graphics and animations. Unlocking the potential of PARCgraphics to our users has long been our dream and we are excited to deliver this new tool. Don’t forget that PARCmobile is making the jump to HTML5 as well! These and many other advancements lie in store with version Check it out on our Portal today!

    Simple Display Search

    Finding the right display was difficult in the past, but with the enhancements to our PARCview Explorer finding the display you are looking for has never been easier! Behaving much more like a Windows Explorer you can use the search bar to find the display you are looking for.

      Need to find what you were last working on quickly? Recent Lists now let you move between your recent folders to easily locate the display you were just working with. It is easier than ever to switch between the displays you need quickly and efficiently!

        Trend More Data Faster (Aggregate Server)

        Building on the behavior of time weighted data in Centerline, Trends are now able to recall large amounts of aggregate data quicker and more efficiently. Our new Aggregate Server is perfect for recalling information from large data sets. Whether you are viewing data from the past five months or the past five years, you are going to benefit from the faster load times and ease of navigating through large swaths of time.

        PARCview’s new data aggregation engine offers instant access to large amounts of historical data.

        Previously, users would choose high resolution historical data or fast performance. Now, you can have both. Testing has shown that performance can be improved 100X when viewing several months of high resolution data. This capability is available for any historian, so take advantage today.

          PARCview performance vs. native historian. *Native historian client timed out when asking for 500 days.

          Improved Graphics & Dashboards

          The long-awaited scripting tool is now available in PARCgraphics, adding further customization to displays. Our scripting tool follows the same model that we use throughout the rest of dataPARC to make for easier transitioning to this new tool.

            New features allow users to:

            Generate reports based on user defined time periods

            Define a custom time period using friendly date-time pickers, which can be applied to aggregated values or even embedded trends. Pick the date and time for individual elements in the graphic and dynamically control when the data being displayed is for.

            Create user-defined interaction between Graphic Controls

            PARCgraphics now offers more control over the elements of the display, allowing for animation parameters that are more dynamic than before. With new scripting behaviors you can tell the graphic to do almost anything with a single mouse click. Click on one element of a graphic and have it affect the value/behavior of another element.

            Dynamically control grid and tab controls

            The grid and tab controls have been enhanced and simplified, allowing for greater control over how each of these elements work, and when they are displayed. Elements now appear/disappear based on whether there are values to display, and can be configured to “pop-up” when you mouse over elements of a graphic.

            Robust Data Entry Forms

            Full MDE sheets are now available in PARCgraphics as well. That’s right you can now embed an entire MDE sheet into a graphic as well as the individual pieces. Allow for Trends to display along side the MDE sheets for users to gain real time feedback on manually entered data.

            PARCmobile: HTML5 Is Faster

            PARCmobile now supports HTML5! This update delivers a richer user experience and improved overall performance, with faster updating of real-time displays. Speed improvements can be up to 5X compared to the previous version of PARCmobile. PARCmobile can seamlessly switch between HTML5 displays and older displays if HTML5 is not supported by the device or browser.

              Higher Resolution Displays

              Tired of straining to see the details of your trend? WPF Technology enables higher resolution viewing when using DPI Settings above 100%, so go ahead and blow up your screen and see your trends from space!

                Screen Magnified to 200% maintains resolution

                WPF technology is part of Microsoft’s latest UI development toolkit. Using this technology PARCview looks better, and reads easier when using DPI settings greater than 100% . It also improves readability and clarity on high resolution monitors. Look for WPF displays in:

                • PARCview Explorer 
                • Trends 
                • Tag Browser 
                • Tag Info 
                • Select Site 
                • Assign Cause 
                • Edit Alarm 

                View Multiple Alarms

                Our new Trend display allows you to view multiple Alarm Bars at the same time. With color coding to match the corresponding tags, you can easily monitor multiple alarm conditions simultaneously.

                  Additionally you can use custom colors for the events in the alarm bar.

                  Plus Much More…

                  All of these improvements plus many more are waiting for you in version 5.4 of dataPARC, available today!

                  Contact us to find out what dataPARC 5.4 can do for you.