2018 dataPARC User Conference – A Recap

The 2018 dataPARC User Conference was a success! Held in Portland Oregon from October 15-18, people traveled from all over the world from six different countries to present or attend. Countries represented were: United States, Canada, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and China. This year we had twenty Capstone presentations and eight customer or partner presentations.

Patrick Galvin energized the group with his dynamic keynote speech focusing on what it takes to build better business relationships. Patrick gave some great tips on time management and work life balance, too.

In addition to our usual customer and staff presentations, we featured break-out practical application sessions where attendees could learn about specific features and scenarios in PARCview. Topics included: Examples and Best practices for high performance process graphics, ways dataPARC can be deployed, 5 Whys- A Practical Methodology for Root Cause Analysis, Finding What’s Changed – Anomaly Detection For The Process, Asset Management – Leveraging Control Loops, Asset Management – Building Asset Models, How to Use Alarm Server – A Practical how to for Leveraging the Latest Technology for Notifications and Incident tracking, Types of Calcs: A session focused on the types of calculations we offer as well as when to use and highlight the opportunity of Historizing Scripted Calcs.

On Tuesday night at the dinner and social, fun was had by all at the Punch Bowl, where attendees walked a few blocks to Pioneer Place Mall and enjoyed a taco truck, beverages, ping pong, cornhole, bowling and even karaoke!

All of the dataPARC User Conference presentations along with the PowerPoint slides, are available on the new dataPARC community forum. If you were not able to attend (or even if you did and you’d like to review a presentation), please feel free to sign up for an account on our community forum.

The next user conference is planned for fall of 2020. Mark your calendars, get thinking about what you’d like to see or present, and plan to join us!