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Amalgamated Sugar's Story

Amalgamated Sugar facilitates all areas of sugar beet growth and sugar production of industrial and retail sugar products and has done so since 1897. Amalgamated Sugar is the second-largest US sugar beet processor, growing sugar beets on approximately 180,000 acres in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. Amalgamated Sugar strives to reduce their environmental footprint by running efficient sugar beet production.  

"We were trying to optimize the largest facility in our company and PARCview allowed us to overlay data - both lab and process - to break down perceptive barriers and make data-driven decisions."

Stan Case, Technical Assistant, Amalgamated Sugar
Shared Data

All individual sites can now access and view process data from each other site all at once.

50,000 Process Tags

Combined data from DCS and PLC systems and the needs of each lab.

Real-Time Data Access

Operators, engineers, & managers now access process data in seconds instead of hours or days.

Amalgamated Sugar's Challenges

In order to optimize production and reduce costs, Amalgamated Sugar needed to be making better, more efficient data-driven decisions. The problem was that they didn’t have easy access to plant data at the desktop level. Their control system had very limited graphic capabilities, and it was difficult to retrieve data from the network to create trends. Also, because there was a separate home-grown system for the lab, their lab data and process data could not be overlaid or easily compared. dataPARC was contacted to help provide a clearer picture of Amalgamated’s plant data.

The dataPARC Solution

Cost and value were big factors, but PARCview, dataPARC’s flagship data visualization application, stood out for its powerful trending and dashboarding tools. Amalgamated Sugar saw that with a minimal amount of training, anyone could click on a tag and drag it over to a trend to get the data they needed to make informed decisions about important plant processes. Stan Case, Technical Assistant at Amalgamated Sugar says, he knew that engineers, operations, lab personnel, and managers would benefit from the ability to create and overlay data trends on the fly.

"At the end of the day, what differentiates companies is their decision-making efficiency and accuracy. That's what sets them apart."

Stan Case, Technical Assistant, Amalgamated Sugar
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