Stock Tracking

Improve troubleshooting by time-shifting process data to predict issues before they occur.

Predict Downstream Impact Of Upstream Variables

Easily correlate process issues to conditions that existed in prior stages of the operation. Visualize how equipment wil operate as a result of a changes earlier in the process.

Include as Soft Sensor Inputs

Use data from a previous process unit as inputs for soft sensors. Once configured, Stock Tracking takes care of the time-shifting that usually makes construction of projection models excessively complicated.

Grade Change Tracking

Determine when a grade change from a previous step in the process has reached the production machine. Remove the guess work from determining how long it takes for a grade change to reach the next phase of the operation.

Tank Tracking 

Easily determine what product is in which tanks and when changes will come through to the bottom. Gives a visual representation of when a change is coming into the next process.

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