Digital Transformation in Pulp and Paper

A step-by-step guide to achieving data-driven excellence in the pulp and paper industry.

In this guide:

How to identify what stage of digital transformation you’re at.

How to set your digital transformation goals.

Actions you can take to progress from each transformation stage to the next.

Optimization tips for manufacturers at each transformation stage.

Considerations for integrating IT & OT data.

Case studies from real customers who’ve experienced digital transformation success.

Manufacturing Operations Management Tools

Take Your Plant Digital with BTG’s dataPARC


Collect data from various sources in your plant and store time-series data for high-speed retrieval.


Integrate all your plant data to eliminate data silos and establish a single source of truth.


Perform root cause analysis and discover opportunities for process optimization.


Maintain optimal operating conditions with real-time monitoring, control charts, alarms, & reporting.

Process Displays

KPI Dashboards

SPC Charts

Advanced Trending

Predictive Modeling


Smart Alarms

Grade Analysis

Manual Data Entry

Versatile Process Information Management Toolkit

Enable data-driven decision-making on the plant floor and across your enterprise with dataPARC’s real-time process information management software.

  • Integrate data from anywhere in your plant.
  • Empower operations teams to make better decisions.
  • Reduce variability in costs & quality.
  • Minimize downtime with predictive models & smart alarms.
  • Find the root cause of process interruptions quickly.
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Superior Diagnostic Analytics

Mine richer insights from your data with dataPARC’s industry-leading set of ad-hoc root cause analysis & trending tools.

Faster Troubleshooting

 How quickly can you diagnose trouble spots at your plant? It takes only 4 minutes to identify the origin of a customer’s boiler efficiency problem using dataPARC’s data visualization tools.

Insightful Process Displays

Optimize processes from the control room. Check out how we use system control room display to identify a problem with a pesky pressure reducing valve.

Predictive Asset Management

See how we use dataPARC’s advanced analytics tools to quickly build a predictive steam flow model to provide greater process visibility while the steam flow indicator was down.

Analytics for Everyone

Designed to be easy to use by individuals from the plant floor all the way up to enterprise management, dataPARC democratizes your plant data and allows everyone to contribute to the data-driven optimization of your manufacturing processes.

Plant Floor

24/7 Decision-Making

Make it easy for operators to monitor and record process data in real time.

Empower 24/7 decision-makers
Improve early issue detection
Drive process understanding


Process Troubleshooting & Optimization

Faster root cause analysis & predictive modeling.

Solve a problem in a single sitting
Define golden batches
Improve quality & reduce cost

Quality & Lab

Measurement & Control

Troubleshoot & prevent quality issues & minimize waste

Troubleshoot quality issues
Perform SQC for improved FPQ
Generate certificates of analysis

IT Operations

Enterprise-wide Data Integration

Connect data from disparate machines & manufacturing systems.

Connect to all existing systems
Futureproof. Integrate any new platforms
Use API to send data to other apps

Senior Management

Strategic Decision-Making

Monitor enterprise-level KPIs & site-level process and equipment statuses.

Respond quickly to process issues
Single-source of truth for operational data
Conduct more informed meetings

Data Scientists & SMEs

Advanced Analytics & Asset Analysis

Establish standards, KPIs, and best practices across the organization.

Eliminate data silos
Drive continuous process optimization
Apply successes across multiple sites

Catalyst Case Study

Click the link below to see how dataPARC tools enabled Catalyst Paper to be proactive instead of reactive.