The #1 PI System Alternative

Superior ad-hoc analytics tools, faster performance, lower cost… Just a few of the reasons dataPARC is the #1 alternative to PI for process data visualization & analysis. 

Manufacturing Operations Management Tools

Everything you Need to Achieve Peak Plant Performance


Collect data from various sources in your plant and store time-series data for high-speed retrieval.


Integrate all your plant data to eliminate data silos and establish a single source of truth.


Perform root cause analysis and discover opportunities for process optimization.


Maintain optimal operating conditions with real-time monitoring, control charts, alarms, & reporting.

Delivering Process Data Analytics Solutions for 25+ Years

“dataPARC was the perfect choice for us. We use a lot of long-term historical data for maintenance and in our day-to-day operations. Over time we began to experience problems with performance degradation with PI. It couldn’t access the long-term data fast enough.”


– Senior Process Engineer

Process Displays

KPI Dashboards

SPC Charts

Advanced Trending

Predictive Modeling


Smart Alarms

Excel Add-in

Manual Data Entry

Versatile Process Information Management Toolkit

Enable data-driven decision-making on the plant floor and across your enterprise with dataPARC’s real-time process information management software.

  • Integrate data from anywhere in your plant.
  • Empower operations teams to make better decisions.
  • Reduce variability in costs & quality.
  • Minimize downtime with predictive models & smart alarms.
  • Find the root cause of process interruptions quickly.
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The Faststest Data Historian Available

Speed up your data analysis capabilities. dataPARC’s high-performance historian returns hours, days or months of high-resolution data within seconds, so you can get right to troubleshooting.

  • 200x Faster retrieval of long-term data (>30 days)
  • 2x Faster retrieval of short-term data (<24hrs)
  • Reduce storage. No double-storing data.
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Superior Diagnostic Analytics

Mine richer insights from your data with dataPARC’s industry-leading set of ad-hoc root cause analysis & trending tools.

Faster Troubleshooting

 How quickly can you diagnose trouble spots at your plant? It takes only 4 minutes to identify the origin of a customer’s boiler efficiency problem using dataPARC’s data visualization tools.

Insightful Process Displays

Optimize processes from the control room. Check out how we use system control room display to identify a problem with a pesky pressure reducing valve.

Predictive Asset Management

See how we use dataPARC’s advanced analytics tools to quickly build a predictive steam flow model to provide greater process visibility while the steam flow indicator was down.

Migrating from ProcessBook?

Don’t start over from scratch. dataPARC offers a clear migration path for users who want to continue using critical PI ProcessBook displays and graphics. Our simple conversion utility quickly helps users:

  • Convert ProcessBook displays (PDI, PIW)
  • Convert calculations (datasets)
  • Convert animations and buttons
  • Convert DataLink displays
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Unleash the Power of Your Data Ecosystem

Easily integrate with various data sources within your plant to break down data silos and unlock insights across your entire manufacturing process.

  • Easily integrate with third-party applications and systems
  • Simple API/SDK connectivity
  • Futureproof your investment
  • No hidden charges for data source connections
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PI Server Data Visualization Buyer’s Guide

Learn how to evaluate ProcessBook & PI Vision alternatives, and discover some of the best PI Server data visualization tools available today.