Training Options

Training is an important element of dataPARC implementation and many training opportunities are available for your team. Whether on site, remote, in-person at the Capstone Vancouver, WA office or a custom option, we have the right training solution to bring your team up to speed.

Virtual Training

Recommended time: 12 hours of training (6 session)

With travel restrictions in place globally, being able to virtually train your workforce is more important than ever. With dataPARC’s virtual training, you will get a customized live training agenda with a dataPARC engineer, recorded videos that you can use for on-boarding or refresher training, and completion certificates for the attendees. The training agenda can be modified to fit your needs. Add as many or as few sessions as you want. The engineer will work with you to schedule the sessions to fit around your site’s unique scheduling needs.

In-Person Training*

Recommended time: 24 hours of training (three 8-hour days)

Nothing beats learning directly from an expert, which is why we offer in-person training. A dataPARC engineer will travel to your site to train your personnel face-to-face. The in-person training is a “train the trainer” style. Our goal is to train your site’s engineers and management to train their operators. The best way to learn is to teach, after all! The engineer will work with you to modify the training agenda to fit your site’s needs and to schedule a week (or more) at your facility.

Hybrid Training*

Recommended time: 6 hours virtual (3 sessions), 24 hours in-person (three 8-hour days)

Get the best of both the virtual and in-person world with our new, hybrid training program. The basic user training is all virtual and recorded live, which means you will have on-boarding and operator training videos for years to come. The more difficult engineer and administrator training is conducted in-person, which allows your personnel to get their questions answered with a dataPARC engineer in the room. Just like the virtual and in-person training, the agendas and schedule are up to you. The engineer will work with you to modify the training agenda to fit your needs and schedule a week (or more) at your facility.

For more information contact: (360) 619-5010 or

*May not be currently available due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. Please check with your engineer or sales team.