Optimized Pulp & Paper Manufacturing

Papermaking 4.0

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Full Spectrum Papermaking Utilities

We provide a complete portfolio for papermaking optimization.

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  • Operations Management – xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx.
  • Efficiency Optimization – xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx. 
  • Availability Optimization – xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx.


High-Speed Time Series Data Storage

dataPARC’s operational historian collects & records high-frequency data from all the automation & control systems in your plant.

Standardize Data Across Your Enterprise

dataPARC optimizes process data for high-speed real-time analytics performance in large enterprise systems. Quickly view optimized data at corporate & remote sites, while maintaining instant access to lossless, high res production data for troubleshooting. 

  • Combine IT & Operations data, including MES, ERP, etc.
  • Collect PLC & control data via OPC protocols.
  • Access raw data from connected IT/OT systems. No double-storing data!
  • Futureproof your analytics program. Connect to any new platform you bring online.


Manufacturing Operations Management Tools

Give operators, engineers, & management insight into current operating conditions. Build real-time dashboards & displays to monitor equipment status, site-level process flows, or enterprise-wide production KPIs.

  • Monitor production KPIs & process data in real time.
  • Empower operators with decision support tools like centerlines & control charts.
  • Alert management &operations personnel of changes in operating conditions.
  • Report production KPIs, resource consumption, maintenance & downtime events.
  • Track OEE to reduce downtime, poor quality, and performance issues.
  • Log & Digitize manually collected lab data, shift reports, operator rounds, & more.

Diagnostic Analytics &  Process Data Visualization

Improve, optimize, and stabilize manufacturing processes. Visualize, analyze, and adjust processes to drive improvements in quality and overall process efficiency.

Enable data-driven decision-making on the plant floor and across your enterprise. 

  • Connect & integrate IT & OT data from across the plant
  • Identify the root cause of downtime events or quality issues.
  • Investigate process issues with real-time trending tools.
  • Visualize historical data using scatter plots, histograms, & more.
  • Diagnose equipment issues to improve OEE.


Advanced Process Control

We combine three modules to create a new generation of advanced process control (APC): virtual sensors (also called soft sensors), model predictive control (MPC), and a cost optimizer.

The virtual sensors accurately predict quality values that otherwise are only available at the end of each tambour as the result of destructive tests in the lab. This allows the MPC to control the process to continuously reach these values, while the cost optimizer makes sure this happens at the lowest possible cost.

  • Real-time availability of critical quality parameters, enabling closed-loop control.
  • Stabilize & Optimize your production process.
  • Minimize variability in production quality.

Prescriptive Analytics

Thanks to a unique AI algorithm and the process knowledge of Voith, our prescriptive analytics tools not only warn operators of critical process states, which can lead to breaks, but also instructs how to get rid of them to prevent breaks. 

  • Automatically identify causes of breaks and how to prevent them.
  • Predict upcoming breaks & act in time to prevent them.
  • Deliver on-spec product with lower chemical & energy consumption.
  • Produce consistently higher yields and DIP quality
  • Change grades more quickly.


Asset Management

Pave the way to predictive maintenance.

Provide different levels and modular approaches for asset management depending on customer demand – beginning with inventory management and lifecycle tracking of specific critical assets through lifecycle tracking and management of all consumables/frequently exchanged products within the paper machine, and ending with the solution for all maintenance processes in an organization and all installed assets.

  • Improve maintenance service & support.
  • Increase transparency thanks to pre-populated asset structure.
  • Reduce administrative efforts with dynamic planning and scheduling.
  • Measure performance using deep learning and accumulated history reports.

Condition Monitoring

By continuously measuring data, we record the condition of your paper machine. Based on sensor data, which are analyzed in real time, a reliable and very fast response is guaranteed.

Our efficient maintenance tool, registers the condition of the roller bearings of your paper machine via installed or mobile data acquisition units. The data gathered are monitored with a monitoring system. In case of any irregularity, the cause is automatically identified and suitable condition-based maintenance measures are initiated. This preventive maintenance therefore helps avoid breakdowns and ensures maximum availability of your paper machine.

  • Visualize the influence of process parameters to the paper quality.
  • Detect bearing damage early.
  • Reduce unplanned machine downtime.
  • Alert operators to process malfunctions and direct assignment of causes.

Want to Learn More?

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